Hi, I'm Eric. I'm a Canadian software engineer in New York City.

My writing helps me share what I care about. You might find:

  • the tiny online experiences I make
  • thoughts about the Internet
  • reviews and reflections about films and books
  • personal reflections on how to live a good life
  • writing about my hobbies (running is a big one)
  • career advice in the tech industry


You can find me on Twitter, Letterboxd, and Goodreads. Friends can also find me on Instagram and Strava.

Personal Projects

My Favourites

Connect the Stars: An endless movie trivia game. Each answer leads to another question. How it was made.

ChatStats: Fun data visualizations for your Facebook Messenger chats.

Xcerpt (now defunct): An Android app for turning quotes from articles into beautiful cards that you can attach to your tweets on Twitter. How it was made.

Minor Works

Melodrama, a web adaptation of the lyrics booklet for Melodrama by Lorde. M◐◑N DAYS, a web app for creating recurring calendar events according to the lunar calendar; made so I could track my dad's birthday.