Every Notable Pedestrian Bridge in New York City

Every Notable Pedestrian Bridge in New York City


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As someone who enjoys running across bridges, I was surprised to find that there is no list of fun pedestrian bridge runs in New York City. At first, I wanted to document every single bridge in NYC, but this was impractical. So instead, I'm only listing every notable bridge, which I define as any bridge having a Wikipedia article.


To complete this list, I went through the list of all bridges on Wikipedia, and included all the bridges where:

  • it is well-documented or common knowledge as being a pedestrian bridge
  • it has many authentic-looking reviews on Google maps mentioning walks across the bridge
  • or failing the above, I looked up map directions for walking to verify that the bridge is indeed walkable.

This list is up to date as of November 13, 2022.

The List

East River

(south to north)

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • Williamsburg Bridge
  • Queensboro Bridge
  • Roosevelt Island Bridge
  • Robert F Kennedy Bridge (Queens span)

Harlem River and Bronx Kill

Harlem River (south to north, east to west)

  • Wards Island Bridge
  • Robert F Kennedy Bridge (Manhattan span)
  • Willis Avenue Bridge
  • Third Avenue Bridge
  • Madison Avenue Bridge
  • 145th Street Bridge
  • Macombs Dam Bridge
  • High Bridge
  • Washington Bridge
  • University Heights Bridge
  • Broadway Bridge
  • Henry Hudson Bridge

Bronx Kill

  • Robert F Kennedy Bridge (Bronx span)

Hudson River

  • George Washington Bridge

Newtown Creek and Dutch Kills

Newtown Creek (west to east)

  • Pulaski Bridge
  • Greenpoint Avenue Bridge
  • Koscuiuszko Bridge
  • Grand Street Bridge

Dutch Kills

  • Borden Bridge

Other in the Bronx

Hutchinson River

  • Pelham Bridge

Eastchester Bay

  • City Island Bridge

Other in Brooklyn

Gowanus Canal (north to south)

  • Carroll Street Bridge

Mill Basin

  • Mill Basin Bridge

Other in Queens

Rockaway Inlet

  • Marine Parkway–Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge

Jamaica Bay

  • Joseph P. Addabbo Memorial Bridge
  • Cross-Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge

Staten Island

Arthur Kill

  • Goethals Bridge

Kill Van Kull

  • Bayonne Bridge