Review: Parasite

Review: Parasite


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A perfect movie!

The most amazing thing about this film is how unconventional it is, yet it feels so natural and coherent. Bong Joon-ho is such an innovator in this regard. Some examples:

  • There are two totally separate but both incredibly long, tense sequences. So much happens in these sequences, and it’s bewildering that it just keeps going and going, until finally it’s over and you can catch your breath.
  • The way each family member scammed their way into the house at the beginning got more and more ridiculous. It’s incredible how it felt totally natural to go from the first mild scam to the final outrageous one.
  • The constant switch-ups in genre and tone. The film transitions from a comedy to a thriller so deftly, all while consistently realizing its message to the audience.

So happy for the recognition Bong Joon-ho is receiving this year.

5 / 5 stars.

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